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Decisions, Decisions

by Meg R <>

Joe Fox (a.k.a. NY152), in one of his emails to Kathleen Kelly (a.k.a. Shopgirl), made this interesting observation: "It's amazing how Starbucks actually enhances people's decision-making skills -- Regular or Decaf? "Decaf!" "Capuccino!"

      (Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan; You've Got Mail).
*   *   *

I never saw the need to go to Starbucks to test my decision-making skills (but I hope to go there soon--I'm a certified caffeine addict). As it is, such skills of mine are now being severely put to test --

Do I hunt for a job in the government or in a private company? "Government! The workload's easy, the bonuses bountiful, you get to study while working, you get to do other jobs and rackets on the side, you get security of tenure, you get to continue on your GSIS payments..."

"Private! The professional growth pace is faster, the work's more challenging, you get to steer clear of politicking..."

Do I stick to my field or shift careers? "Stick to your field! You know you'd rather be and expert in your field than veture into a field where you have to start from scratch..."

"IT's in! Look at the ads -- they're everywhere! And the compensation's heaps better than in any field. And this is your passport to go abroad..."

All this, thanks to Manila Bulletin's Sunday Classified Ads.

*   *   *

And as if I didn't have enough on my mind already, my well-meaning mother has this to say: "Anak, why don't you just teach Comm 1? Maybe you should settle for that, 'cause after two jobs, it appears you're way out of luck in the corporate world..."

Good ole mom -- she's like all mothers out there who want to provide solutions to their troubled kids' woes.

Sad to say though, that was the last thing I wanted to hear at this stage in my life. I'm a lost soul trying to find my ray of light that would lead me to my kismet, to what I was destined to do for the rest of my life. My reservoir of hope and optimist is fast-drying up, but I still persist. Every Sunday, I cut them all up: ads for programmer trainee, information officer, marketing assistant, writer -- along with a brief but fervent prayer that some of them would grant me interviews, and one of them the perfect job that I had been longing to land on.

Honestly, I have not idea what specifically is the perfect job for me. Heck, I don't even know what field I would like to be in. I told Ma Belle the only thing that's clear to me at this time are the things I don't want to do: I don't want to bei involved in sales, I don't want to be an administrative assistant or a secretary, and I'm not ready yet to go into teaching. They kinda limit my options, I know. But Ma Belle, bless her soul, suggested it's a good place to start. I sure do hope so.

I know...why don't I just try to be a singer or an actress? A model? Hmmm...

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