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Real World Part II

By Meg (


Remember my last column? ".I, on the other hand, am stuck in a ridiculously high-paying but professionally growth-stunting job."

Well, here's part II: I resigned from my "ridiculously high-paying but professionally growth-stunting job".

Naturally, everybody at the office (my former one) was shocked.

They thought it was a drastic decision on my part. Little did they know that this was one decision that was more than a year late in coming.

Two things did me in.

First, I remembered my former co-staff tell me that during her last days at work, she was finding it more and more difficult to wake up in the mornings to prepare too go to work. Then it struck me: those days the earliest time I could manage to report for work was 9:30 am.

Second, I remembered being very disturbed by a nagging thought: "what if I did resign, and I find that it was a wrong decision for me? Then, as if someone read my though balloon, I came across this advice: "it's always better to have made a wrong decision than never to have made any decision at all." Bingo.

I left my old job so that I may embark on a long-searched-for career. Yeah, nothing earth-shaking about it, I know. At least that's basically what a former HOR employee told me: "those who have the guts to leave HOR are those who still dream of having a career."

I can say it took me a lot of courage and guts to leave a high-paying job in favor of a much lower- paying one. Because I figured I have to start somewhere, and bottom's a good place to start - because after that, you'd have nowhere to go but up.

Of course, I hold no illusions about this new job of mine - that professional-wise, this is a better job than the old one (I think I told this a thousand times already to anybody who cared to listen - whatever.) But at least it's a fresh start for me. I only hope I'm bringing into this job the very best of me.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I said this little prayer to JC: Lord, thank You again for this new job. Help me to do my very best in this job, so I may return to You all the glory and honor. Help me to recognize that pressure is a part of life - help me to regard it as opportunities to better myself and not as something to be avoided. May I be mature enough to accept criticisms gracefully - that these are meant to improve my work, and not meant to attack my person. There will be times when I will fall short of everybody's expectations - failure is inevitable, I guess. Help me to rise above these failures and continue striving for work excellence. Finally, thank You for the one true thing in my life - that over and above everything, You won't forsake me no matter what.

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