The Blue Room

Real world -- Argh!
By Meg R.

This column is reserved for the exhibition of every Gen-Xer's angsts, views, opinions, and such, on things, stuff or issues worth writing about, whether they be experienced in real life or here on cyberspace. Views and opinions on this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editors of WIRED! Philippines (although we might find ourselves nodding occasionally).

My love-life is in shambles, my career non-existent.

My friend Hazel prefers to call us "the lost souls"; we're forever searching for perfection - the perfect job, the perfect career, the perfect love, the perfect life. Maffy, however, is more inclined to call us the typical generation Xers - forever restless and fidgety and cynical, forever searching for the real meaning of our angst-filled existence. Whatever. Bottom-line is, we're not exactly happy over the way the real world unfolds before our very eyes.

We graduated from college with such high hopes for the future. Our things-to-do list included, but not limited to:

  1. Land perfect jobs.
  2. Zoom all the way to the top with our chosen careers.
  3. Find Mr. Right.
  4. Settle down
  5. Live happily ever after.

But with one month leading after the next, we find ourselves nowhere near accomplishing item # 1.

Cel is stuck with a job that has her overworked and under paid, and in constant clash with her boss. Maffy struggles to be recognized as a writer in an organization that knows only lawyers and engineers and other title-bearing professionals. MB is in the middle of a contract renewal crisis: to renew or not to renew. Every single day of her life, Hazel has to deal with her SOB of a boss and his gossipy, vicious, low-life of a wife. I, on the other hand, am stuck in a ridiculously high-paying but professionally growth-stunting job.

Has all the ingredients for a perfect yuppie nightmare, don't you think?

And don't even dare ask us on the love department.

Technically speaking, all of us have been without boyfriends since birth (boss chief -- agree? disagree? spin-a-win?) We've covered this subject of our being in a boyfriend-less state a thousand times already, with boxes of fries and ketchup to punctuate those countless grieving sessions. And still we never tire of bewailing our sad plight.

Are there eight Mr. Rights lurking around somewhere?

My friends and I - we have different ways by which we "escape" from reality (I assure you, however, that we are still a long way from becoming total schizophrenics).

Cel seeks solace in her newfound friends in the chat rooms - eyeball dito, eyeball doon (Hehehe, peace girl!). Maffy has her masters to keep her busy (She's taking up English studies at UP Diliman). MB is happiest when she's in front of her PC, typing away like crazy trying to finish her e-zine's nth issue, or just exchanging sweet nothings with ditty (Hehehe, boss chief, you can delete this part - I was just having fun). On the other hand, I, upon the advice of my well-meaning officemates, have begun exploring the realms of what it's like to be young and single and to have money of my own: One late night too many spent on drinking sessions, bar-hopping, guy-hunting, visits to the GB (for those of you who know what this stands for, just pass it on to those who don't - secretly, of course), ballroom dancing, videoke, facials, cellophanes, hair straightenings, makeovers, lunch outs, malling, shopping, etc. etc. etc.

Of course, despite the cynics that we have become, our ideals and hopes never really vanished. We still dream of landing jobs (financially and professionally rewarding, of course) which would enable us to make a difference in our world, and to be recognized and respected in our chosen fields. And eventually find fairy tale-like romances ( that's interesting.).

But, as Maffy says, "in the meantime."

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