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The Top Pinoy Web Sites
by the staff of WIRED! Philippines

The SOURCE for Philippine Music on the
The 1998 Philippine Webby Award's Best Philippine Web Site

Listen to the latest OPM hits via PhilMusic NetRadio. Netradio features today's hottest music talents like Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads and Rivermaya, bringing their albums to the Internet in RealAudio format.

communities@philmusic are abuzz with the latest discussions on news, events and gossip in the Philippine music industry. Want to know the latest about Gary V? About Color it Red? Simply join one of the

Philmusic is the creation of Jim Ayson, one of The Internet's 10 Most Influential Filipinos according to The Web Philippines.


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

RealPinoy.comKeeping Filipinos in touch with home was the runaway winner in The 1998 Philippine Webby Awards for Culture. Chat Pinoy!

It also won The People's Choice Award. has an array of services such as news, chat and message boards designed to attract Filipinos worldwide. Its Chat Pinoy is one of the more famous Filipino Online Communities today.


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

Visualization and Imaging is the home of the web sites of some of the top Philippine showbiz personalities.

Sharon. Pops. Mikee. Zsa Zsa. Ms. D. Charlene. Gelli. Rachel. Sharmaine.

It attracts perhaps the heaviest pinoy web traffic in the world today ( hint: according to Y...., its the C....... G....... Site ).


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

The Philippines Top Tourist DestinationsFilOnline
Philippine Information and Travel.

FilOnline claims it has everything you ever wanted to know about the Philippines, from Top destinations to sports and recreation to a visitor's guide to the Philippines. FilOnline is perhaps the Internet's richest horde of information on the Philippines today.

FilOnline offers online reservations for Philippine hotels and resorts. The site is updated daily with the latest weather reports and business news.

Major updates are forthcoming, so FilOnline is one site to watch.


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

Balanced News. Fearless ViewsThe Philippine Daily Inquirer
Balanced News. Fearless Views.

The Inquirer is perhaps today's most widely read Filipino Online Newspaper. Known for its critical, investigative ( and often controversial ) reporting, the Inquirer attracts discriminating readers from all over the globe.

( The Manila Bulletin and The Philippine Star may be as popular, but the Inquirer is our personal favorite. )


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

The Philippines' most comprehensive web directory

Philippines: Tribung Pinoy flip@casbah

Tribo is one of the most respected Filipino sites on the Internet. It is home to the creations of the legendary Filipino webmaster Ken Ilio ( Ken Ilio is also one of The Internet's 10 Most Influential Filipinos according to The Web Philippines ) Tribo includes the finest collection of Filipiniana on the Internet:

and more!


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

Networking for Philippine EducationFAPENET
Networking for Philippine Education

FAPENET is today's leading Internet provider to Philippine educational institutions. This content-rich site features news, Filipiniana, and online libraries of various educational material such as theses, papers and dissertations.


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

Your Online Filipino Specialty Store

Your Online Filipino Specialty Store is the first true E-commerce site in the Philippines, with secure online credit card payment and online ordering system.

It promotes only Filipino products: books from the academia, shirts which proudly promote the Filipino spirit, and OPM from the best Pinoy talents in the land.


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

Bagong PinayFilipina Today
Ang Tinig ng Filipina wants to build an online community of Filipinas to share opinions, ideas and experience. Ang Bagong Pinay has stories, forums, and halo halo areas providing rich content for the Filipina.


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

Sentenaryo/CentennialIn the Filipino Ward, Rizal, La Independencia
The Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War

Jim Zwick's Sentenaryo is a collaborative exploration of the enduring cultural and political impacts of the Philippine Revolution and Philippine American war. It included historical texts, essays, political cartoons, and photographs and other illustrations.


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino

Rekindling the Filipino spiritThe Philippine Centennial
Rekindling the Filipino Spirit

The Philippine Centennial is a collection of historical articles, digests and documents about the events during the Philippine revolution, from the early days of the Katipunan ( 1892 - 1897 ) to the Philippine revolution ( 1896 - 1902 ) to the Philippine American war ( 1898 - 1907 ).


Ito ang Tatak ng Pilipino


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