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Here are the answers to the contest questions. Remember there are many possible valid answers and equally many ways to search for them, so these are just representative examples.

  1. How much does Homer Simpson weigh?

    Just about any search engine should find this piece of information, so take your pick!

    However, be warned that Homer's weight is highly variable depending on which Web site you visit. Some sites play it safe and give a margin of error. For example:
    Search engineYahoo
    Search words Homer Simpson weight
    Rank 3
    Tim's Page about Homer J. - Member of the Internet Link Exchange. This is a page that pays homage to everyone's favorite slacker, Homer J. Simpson. We have sound files to download, and links to other Simpson sites. Homer Information: Homers Weight 239 LBS...

    Search engineSnap
    Search words Homer Simpson weight
    Rank 2
    Homer Simpson Info Name: Homer J. Simpson Voice: Dan Castellaneta Birth of date: May 12, 1956 Weight: 230-260 Mmm..: Almost anything editable Favorite Drink: Duff Beer Favorite Song: "It's Raining Men" Favorite Movie(s): Look Who's Oinking...

  2. How do I make a paper shark?

    This one is a bit trickier. You'll probably need to use the keyword "origami" to get any decent hits.
    Search engineSnap xxx
    Search words origami AND shark
    Rank 1 zzz
    Joseph Wu's Origami Page. Then click on the link "Instructions for this shark". (You'll need an Acrobat reader plug-in to view the instructions)

  3. Converting P10,000 to Deutsche mark

    To get the answer, you would first search for a site that offers a currency conversion calculator. You then use their tool to figure out the local currency.

    For example:
    Search engineSnap
    Search words currency AND converter
    Rank 1

    Now enter the amount and select the currencies, then click on "Perform Currency Conversion" to get the converted amount.

    Universal Currency Converter(tm) Results by Xenon Labs. Rates as of 1999.12.10 02:31:26 EST. (Rates updated once per minute): 10,000.00 PHP Philippines Pesos=472.819 DEM Germany Deutsche Marks

  4. What is the name of the US satellite headed for Mars that mysteriously disappeared last September?

    Search engineGoogle
    Search words Mars satellite disappear
    Rank 1
    This site contains lots of Mars satellite news. Search the page for "September" and it will lead to the section with the answer: Mars Climate Orbiter

  5. What is the legendary "ibong adarna"?

    Search engineAltavista
    Search words ibong adarna
    Rank 1
    Ibong Adarna. In Philippine legends, a bird with a beautiful song that made one fall asleep. While its victim slept, it would excrete on him, causing...

    Search words Ibong Adarna Philippine legends
    Rank 2
    Ibong Adarna -- In Philippine legends, a bird that sings seven songs in its lifetime, changing its color during each song. It had the power to heal the sick, so it was vied for by those brave enough to confront it since its song could make one fall asleep, and while the victim slept, the Ibong Adarna would excrete on him, turning him to stone....

  6. Who it the curent Sri Lankan President?

    Search engineSnap
    Search words Sri AND Lanka AND President
    Rank 1
    BBC News | South Asia | Sri Lanka president indefinitely postpones local elections. The President of Sri Lanka, Chandrika Kumaratunga, has postponed local elections that were due to take place later this month...

  7. BPI Branches in Baguio

    Search engineGoogle
    Search words Bank Philippine Islands
    Rank 1

    From BPI's main Web page, select "Location and Branches" from the top left pull-down menu (where it says "About BPI"). From there, click on Luzon Province on the map, then you'll reach a list with 3 Baguio branches listed on the left side: Baguio-Burnham Branch, Baguio-PHILEX Branch, Baguio Session Branch

    Tedious, but doable!

  8. John Grisham's latest novel

    Search engineGoogle
    Search words John Grisham latest novel
    Rank 2
    Shows "The Testament" book/novel prominently displayed.

  9. Natural biodegradable packaging

    Search engineGoogle
    Search words natural AND biodegradable AND packaging AND eco-friendly
    Rank 2
    ...All Natural Biodegradable Compostable Reusable/Disposable...
    ...for the Environment Starch ALL NATURAL ECO-FOAMŪ loosefill is...

  10. I cry without eyes, travel w/o feet. What am I?

    This is actually a Filipino riddle, so you would need to use Tagalog words to find the answer.
    Search engineGoogle
    Search words mata AND paa
    Rank 1

    ...Lumuluha walang mata lumalakad walang paa. PLUMA BALLPEN...

    Interestingly, one of our readers came up with an entirely different result by guessing the answer to the riddle ("clouds") and using that as the search keyword!

    Search engineGoogle
    Search words clouds
    Rank 5
    Clouds and the Energy Cycle ...Facts Clouds and the Energy Cycle The study of clouds, where they... ...understanding climate change. Low, thick clouds primarily reflect

  11. (Bonus Question) Where can I get the receipe for Alex III barbecue chicken with sauce?

    Although we've received several pointers to the Alex III Restaurant website and the menu item, the actual receipe remains a mystery. But thank all for trying! :-)

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