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By Noel <nhoel@rocketmail.com>


Q. Can I have automatic dialing for Win95 Dialer?

A. Currently, you cannot have Win95 Dialer dial up to Internet automatically. You should set up the connection first before attempting to use any Internet applications.

Q. I have a 33.6kbps modem. Why is it that I canít connect at maximum speed?

A. Connect speed is affected by telephone line condition. Modems will automatically adjust to the speed that will attain the least error rate. This can be much lower than the maximum speed if you have an inferior telephone line. Factors that may affect speed are hum, noise or cross-talk on your phone line. Notably, most old analog lines (6 digit lines) have this problem.

Q. Why canít I connect and I always get an invalid login message?

A. There could be several reasons why you cannot log in. Are you using your correct login name? Are you sure about your password? If you are sharing your account with another person, he might be online when you were trying to connect. The server will only accept you one at a time. If your account have imposed limits, have you exceeded your session, daily or monthly usage? Check with the system administrator if you have this problem.

Q. What is a proxy cache?

A. Proxies are usually servers set up to act as caches for WWW pages and FTP files which are frequently requested. Assuming you have no proxies set, whenever you access a page, your request goes directly to the overseas site and the reply is sent back to you. Imagine a hundred people doing this - each request will slowdown the original site, and it becomes really time consuming for each individual.

Q. Authentication Error! It keeps on asking for my password. I was able to log-in before.

A. Make sure your login name and the letters in your password is in lowercase. Check your Caps Lock key in your keyboard. Passwords are case-sensitive. There could be something wrong with your password.


Q. Warning. An inconsistency in your dialer has been fixed.

A. Go to your dialer and click Dial Properties. You have to supply the Area Code which is missing. That's why this warning message always occurs.

Q. I always get disconnected after a few minutes. Something wrong with the set-up?

A. Make sure you unmark options inside your dialer that disconnects you after a certain time. In your Internet icon inside your Control Panel, you have to disable the idle timer.

Q. What is a spam mail?

A. A spam mail is a message sent to multiple email addresses even if the mail was not requested to be sent. This does not necessarily mean that annoying, off-topic or stupid emails are spam mails. The content of the email is irrelevant to classify it as one. It is the volume of the same mail sent out to different email addresses.

Q. There has been an error transferring your mail. I said: PASS (shhhh! Don't tell anyone.) and the POP server said: ERR invalid user code or password, please try again.

A. This generally happens when you entered the wrong password for your mailbox. Be sure to enter it correctly.

Q. Why do I still receive previously retrieved mails?

A. This situation usually occurs when you cancelled the mail program while it is currently receiving your incoming mails. Once you interrupted it, your mail servers will automatically spool it on its spooling directory and leave it right there until you retrieve your mail again, thus, you will also receive previously retrieved mails. So always see to it that the program finish downloading your mails.

Q. Mail Delivery Subsystem (MAILER-DAEMON). Returned Mail:Host/User Unknown

A. If the error you received is "User Unknown" then the e-mail address of the recipient does not exist on the domain's mail servers or contains invalid characters. In short, the address is not correct. Verify the correct e-mail address and re-send the mail.

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