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You might be wondering what is this thing called WIRED! Philippines. Well, it is simply this e-zine about the Internet, the Philippines, and Internet in the Philippines.

We just thought it would be real cool to get together and write stuff for our fellow cyberflips, you know, stuff like:

Articles and features especially for Filipinos Articles of interest to the Filipino, including Filipino innovations and advances on the Internet.



Interviews with Prominent Internet Citizens Interviews with Filipino personalities on the Internet.



Internet in the Philippines News and features about Internet service in the Philippines.



Internet Cafes in the Philippines The latest stuff about Internet Cafe's



Your Internet Tech Support FAQ Q&A and discussions on problems normally encountered by Internet users.



Beginners Guide to Internet Stuff The Beginner's guide to this electronic world we call the Internet.



Internet Lingo, Tips and Tricks Lingo, Tips and Tricks for the not-so-new Internet user.



Weird Wired Stuff on the World Wide Web The month's collection of web sites we found. They're weird, funny, interesting ( or all of the above). Take our word for it. They're cool.



WIRED Opinions This is supposed to be our editorial page or opinions page. Mostly, it is where we blab about anything we like <g>.



The Dollar Stretcher Practical tips on how to spend money wisely (dollar or peso or any other) and to live frugally. Such Filipino traits make Gary's column have a bit of local flavor.



If you would like to contribute articles to WIRED! Philippines, you can just send articles to wired-editors@msc.net.ph.

A submission must include:

  • the article itself(mention in which section you'd like it to be included!)
  • a short write-up about the author
  • references, if any

We'd like to have fun here, so articles would normally be on the funny side, or at least medyo light ang dating. We avoid very serious topics ( like the moral issues in euthanasia ).


  • Articles must be original.
    Submit your own, not somebody else's
  • Articles must use decent language.
    No cuss words, no inflammatory language, no dirty words.
  • Articles must be accurate.
    Verify your facts, cite your references.
  • Articles must be interesting and appropriate for the target audience
    This simply means that the articles must be readable by the normal cyberflip.

We need the short write-up, just so people would know a little bit about the contributor. It would be real nice if we can associate a personality behind author names, so we'd know who we are admiring(or cursing). See contributors.

Are you ready to submit an article? Keep WIRED!, guys( and gals). We hope you advertise this site.

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