General Land Use Plan


     Low Density Residential (R1)
     Medium Density Residential (R2)
     General Industrial Areas
     Agro - Industrial
     Light Industrial


     Central Business District:
     100 meters both side of provincial road from Schetelig Avenue to Barangay Concepcion up to the 3 km          radius limit.
     100 meters both side from Rizal Avenue extending to Cosico Avenue and the national high-way up to          Patay na Tubig Bridge at Brgy. Del Remedio
     100 meters both side of National Road from Colago Avenue (Sambat) up to San Pablo Medical Center          Junction at Barangay San Rafael.
     100 meters both sides of Maharlika Highway from Magampon Bridge at Barangay San Rafael up to                Kakate Bridge at Brgy. San Ignacio.
     Are at Brgy. San Miguel w/ Radius of 350m and 38.48 Has. land area.
     Light Industrial (Dark Violet)
             Barangay San Jose; Radius=800m; Area=201 Has
             Barangay San Ignacio; Radius=800m; Area=201 Has
             100 m both sides of National Highway from Patay na Tubig Bridge at Brgy. Del Remedio up to                        boundaries of San Pablo-Calauan at Brgy. San Mateo.
             50 m both sides of San Nicolas-San Crispin Barangay road extending 1,000 m from Maharlika                       Highway.
     Agro-Industrial (Light Violet)
             Brgy. San Marcos-Brgy. San Buenaventura Radius= 500m; Area=78.54 Has
     Medium Density Residential (Orange Color)
             All existing residential areas and subdivision projects within the poblacion and adjacent                              barangays within the 3 km radius area or urban area
     Low Density Residential Area (Yellow Color).
             all other area within the 3 km radius or urban areas not specifically delineated into other land                 use categories. These are currently vacant and open but intended for low density residential                 developments.
             100 meters on both sides of all provincial and National Road from 3 km radius or Urban Areas up                 to the boundaries of adjacent municipalities like;
                         San Cristobal Provincial Road from intersection of maharlika highway up to boundaries of                              San Pablo-Dolores, Quezon
                         Maharlika highway to Tiaong, Quezon from 3 km Radius or Urban Areas up to                               boundaries of San Pablo-Tiaong, Quezon.
                         Maharlika highway from 3 km radius or Urban area to boundaries of San Pablo-Alaminos,                               Laguna.
                         Liliw laguna Provincial Road from 3 km radius or Urban areas up to tourism areas at                               Brgy. Sto Angel, San Pablo City.
             50 meters on both sides of all barangay roads 3 km radius or urban areas, except from 1,000m                 San Nicolas-San Crispin barangay road
             Barangay San Crispin with a radius of 350m and area of 38.48 hectares.
     Areas at Barangay San Buenaventura, Sta. Catalina, San Lorenzo and Sto. Angel the 5 lakes are        Palakpakin, Mohicap, Yambo, Pandin and Calibato. It covers the influence of these lakes, an easement        of about 100 meters along banks of these lakes and connecting river.
 FOREST AREA (Dark Green)
     All areas that are 18o and Up Slope are considered forest like:
                         Areas at Barangay San Cristobal
                         Areas at Barangay Atisan
                         Area at Barangay Sta. Catalina
     All Existing cemeteries in San Pablo.
                         Old San Pablo cemeteries at Brhy. II-F
                         New San Pablo cemeteries at Brgy. Del Remedio
                         San Pablo Memorial Parks at Brgy. San Gabriel
                         San Gabriel Memorial Parks at Brgy. San Gabriel
     All existing and proposed parks.
                         Doña Leonila Parks at Dagatan Blvd.
                         Brgy. Sto Niño with a radius of 130m and an area of 5.31 Has.
     All existing institution w/in the 3 km radius or Urban Areas
                         City Hall compound Brgy. V-A
                         San Pablo Central School at Brgy. III-A
                         Roman Catholic Church at Brgy. III-B
                         Laguna College and San Pablo at Brgy. IV-C and III-A
                         Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng San Pablo at Brgy. San Jose
                         Iglesia ni Cristo at Brgy. IV-B
                         San Pablo District Hospital at Brgy. IV-A
                         All existing medical, educational and religious establishments public and private within                            the urban areas. Institutional uses are compatible with other light Intensity Areas.
 BODIES OF WATER (Light Blue Color)
     All lakes, Sampalok Lake, Bunot, Pandin, Palakpakin, Mohicap, Yambo, and Calibato
     All Areas outside the 3km radius or urban areas not mention in the above landuse


The San Pablo City Government Career Officers Club was organized on March 11, 2003 with twenty-four (24) department and assistant department heads as charter officers or members. The set of officers are as follows:

Isagani Cortez – City Agriculturist – President
Job Brion – City Health Officer – Vice President (External)
Rolando S. Bombio – Coordinator – CPDO – Vice Pres. (Internal)
Linda T. Dequino – S.P. Secretary – Secretary
Angelita M. Belen – City Treasurer – Treasurer
Lolita Cornista – City Accountant – Auditor
Dormelita D. Ignacio – Budget Officer – PRO

The club serves as an avenue for cohesiveness, dialogue and camaraderie for all its members. And better office management is its main staple to assure satisfying public service.

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