MSC Technical Vocational Department

MSC provided me the knowledge that served as a tool to keep me moving forward in my career. I learned techniques on how to face challenging situations. MSC prepared me for this. No matter how much you know today, you’ll have to know more tomorrow.


CARD MRI Information Technology Inc
(Computer Technology Course, 1994)

What do employers say about MSC?
What do our graduates say?

At MSC, graduates have an edge in getting jobs immediately after graduation.

At MSC, the teachers and staff are committed to bring out the best in every student.

At MSC, the students are envisioned to be “employment ready” with proper technological skills and correct work attitude desired by industry.

MSC gives YOU opportunity to apply in hard-to-fill occupations after graduation as

  • » Entrepreneurs
  • » Accounting Clerks
  • » Bookkeepers
  • » I.T. Specialists
  • » Programmers
  • » Web Designers
  • » Web Developers
  • » Caregivers
  • » Call Center Agents


93% of MSC Technical-Vocational Graduates Get National Certification !

This is the first time in Laguna that a big group of students from a single school gave a good passing percentage in Programming NC IV. The passing percentages of other Laguna schools this year range from 0 to 2.5%. This strong proof that MSC Institute of Technology is the best science and technology school in San Pablo City, and perhaps the best in Laguna!



Ano ang MSC Advantage?

Ang “MSC Advantage” ay ang kaibahan o kalamangan ng mga mag-aaral at ng mga nagsipagtapos sa MSC kaysa sa mga nagsipagtapos sa ibang paaralan.


MSC Computer LaboratoryENTREPRENEURSHIP COURSE (NTR 064A020023)
A two-year training program that will give an edge in business undertakings of future entrepreneurs. 86 units lecture & laboratory

MSC Computer LaboratoryPROGRAMMING—NC Level IV (WTR 0704A024576)
A two-year educational program to train students in Windows-based applications and development of creativity, analytical skills and logical reasoning to prepare them to become programmers of basic customized systems and/ or web designers of Internet websites for businesses and organizations. 118 units lecture & laboratory

MSC Computer LaboratoryCOMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NC Level II (WTR 0704A022575)
A two-year training program on troubleshooting and repair and assembly of computer units in preparation for students to become computer hardware technicians. 95 units lecture & laboratory

MSC Computer LaboratoryBOOKKEEPING (PC Operations with Accountancy) (WTR 0704A022574)
A two-year educational program on bookkeeping and clerical skills to train students to become efficient and effective bookkeepers or accounting aides/ office assistants or secretaries, with special focus on the use of spreadsheets, word processing, and presentation software. 99 units lecture & laboratory

MSC Computer Laboratory CAREGIVING - NC Level II (WTR 0704A022831)
A six-months training on the care of infants, elderlies and handicapped including culinary and home management plus 300 hours of practicum as caregivers. 756 hours classroom training & 360 hours practicum

A 100-hours training in refining skills in the use of the English language for effective communication in a customer contact center, customer service, and rendering quality customer service. 100 hours lecture & laboratory