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The Filipino Spirit

The Philippine National Anthem: Marcha Nacional Filipina

      Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo requested Julian Felipe to play a hymn on the piano, a hymn composed by a Filipino in Hongkong. The music was good, but Maestro Julian Felipe was asked to compose a hymn that is more solemn, more majestic and dignified, which could arouse in the Filipinos patriotic fervor and national pride.

      On June 11, 1898, Julian Felipe arrived while Generals Mariano Trias, Baldomero Aguinaldo and other revolutionary leaders were meeting with Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. They put aside their discussion to listen to the new hymn.

      Professor Julian Felipe described the adoption of the National Anthem thus:

        General Trias seeing ( me ) come into the room where they were assembled, and desiring that the music requested by Don Emilio be heard by all, took ( me ) o the latter's presence; and although they were then occupied with matters of greater importance, suspended their deliberation to hear and pass judgement on the merit of the music which was to become later our national march.

        ( I ) played ( my ) composition on the piano, and was requested by those present to repeat it several times for the purpose of better appraising and judging its merits.

        Then after a brief interchange of opinion, the gentlemen present resolved to officially adopt the musical composition as "Marcha Nacional Filipina"; and Don Emilio Aguinaldo requested General Trias to see that ( I ) go to San Francisco de Malabon for the purpose of teaching this new music to the town's band which was selected to play it on the following day, Sunday, June 12, 1898 on the occasion of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence and the exhibition of our National Flag.

      The "Marcha Nacional Filipina" thrilled the vast crowd and aroused them to great enthusiasm.

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