MSC Caregiver Course

The CAREGIVER course is a three-module training in providing personal care and services to people who are in need of such care at either the client’s home (without employer’s supervision) or at an institution.

The CAREGIVING COMPETENCIES developed in the 6-months training include:

  1. Providing care and support to infants and toddlers
  2. Providing care and support to children
  3. Fostering the social, intellectual, creative and emotional development of children
  4. Fostering the physical development of children
  5. Providing care and support to elderly people
  6. Providing care and support to people with special needs
  7. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment
  8. Responding to emergencies
  9. Cleaning the living room, dining room, bedroom, toilet and bathroom
  10. Washing and ironing clothes, linens and fabrics
  11. Preparing hot and cold meals
  12. Establishing professionalism at the workplace.


Trainees or students should possess the following requirements:

  1. can communicate both in oral and written forms
  2. physically and mentally fit
  3. with good moral character
  4. can perform basic mathematical computation.