Cabuyao's population as of the 1997 census was listed as having 82,382 persons living in the town. There was about 22% increase from 1995 population census which tallied to 77,302 persons listed.



The most populated barangays are those along the lakeshore barangays:

  • Banaybanay, with the highest percentage to the total population 9,455 (11.47%)
  • Barangay Marinig 8,101 (9.83%) and,
  • Barangay Gulod 7,336 (8.94%)

    Barangay Pittland has the smallest population of the total population of Cabuyao with 897 registered persons in the last census survey.


    The population density of town of Cabuyao is 19 persons per hectare. This is spread to a total area of 4,291,5048 hectares. The most densely populated area is Barangay I with a population density of 103 per hectares. The most scarcely populated Barangays are Diezma, Casile, and Pittland with only 6, 3 and 3 persons per hectare respectively. This maybe explained by the fact that only those who work following:

  • Canlubang Sugar Estate
  • Canlubang Golf and Country Club
    are the ones residing in the above mentioned barangays.


    The young age group (below 20 years) is about 48,162 of the total population count. There is a 50-50 per cent ratio between the males and females, with the female count slightly lower (49.51%). The 5 to 9 age group has the highest concentration of population with a share of 3%. The 10 to 14 age group category with a percentage share of 12% ranks second. The next in rank, the 1 to 4; group with a percentage share of 11%. Ages 65 and above also adds up to almost 3%, from the dependents count in the municipality.


    Cabuyao is predominantly Catholic with 77,183 persons listing as Catholic out of the total population of 81,391. The second predominant religious group/sect is Iglesia ni Cristo which has a total following of 1,636. Sects which has the least number of following are the Methodists, Buddhists, followers of the Lutheran Church in the Philippines, Bible Baptists and followers of the Four Square Gospel Church.

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